Inspiring the Unexpected to Take Flight

Who we are

New Flight Inc. is a nonprofit organization that creates a pipeline to opportunities in advertising and film for ethnically diverse youth. We challenge the students creatively while providing professional training to develop foundational skills needed to pursue careers in these fields.


Introduce talented minority youth to the career opportunities within film and advertising and prepare them to pursue these careers.

Making It Happen

New Flight has partnered with the LA Promise Fund on their arts integration program to incorporate assignments in Graphic Design, Animation, Photography and Film into the curriculum of students in South Central LA.

New Flight will bring awareness to the work of these students via our events, Winter Showcase (December 3rd 2021) and Awards Show (June 3rd 2022). As well as help prepare them to pursue careers in these fields via our after-school program.

Check out our first Awards Show here.


Students will receive:

  • Educational Grant

  • Resume/CV Building Experience

  • Character & Confidence Building

  • Mentorship

Benefits to the Industry:

  • Fulfills Commitment to Diversity

  • Develops a Pipeline of Future Talent

Get Involved

Looking for help to motivate and progress student projects

Your funds in support of the educational grant via our GoFundMe page


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